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Thank you for considering and purchasing Master-Bilt equipment. We are always striving for 100% customer satisfaction. In an effort to continually improve our products, we request that you please review and answer the questions below.

Who did you directly work with?

Please rate the quality of sales support you received (1 - Poor, 5 - Excellent)

What was the condition of the equipment upon receipt? (1 - Poor, 5 - Excellent)

Has the Master-Bilt product met your expectations?

Would you recommend Master-Bilt to a colleague?

Please rate your overall satisfaction (1 - Poor, 5 - Excellent)

Our goal is to continually improve. I personally review each and every survey / comment card and will be glad to contact you directly if you provide a phone number.

If you have any issues you wish to discuss, please contact me directly at 662-539-4248.
Dale Beaty
Director of Quality & Customer Satisfaction

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this questionnaire!

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