Cool It-November 2015

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Maximum Open Air Security

If you're looking for an open air merchandiser with a secure cover, the VOAM-C series is the answer. A metal roll-down lockable cover makes these models great for airport kiosks or other areasnov15-voam-c needing a secure after-hours solution. The cover is built into the canopy instead of mounted on top of the merchandiser, making it easy to fit through standard height doors.

VOAM-C models feature solid ends and share the same set of features as other VOAM models including:

  • 60-, 72- and 79-inch heights with a total of 12 models 
  • Two-position cantilever shelving
  • LED canopy lighting for optimum efficiency and product display
  • An electronic controller allowing the user to monitor defrost functions from a front panel interface
  • Electric condensate removal system that only operates when needed
  • Durable stainless steel corrosion-resistant floor pans
  • Remote refrigeration versions for reduced heat and noise in retail sales space 


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