Cool It-March 2016

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Fusion™ Series Reach-Ins

fusion-reach-ins-family1. All models are constructed of stainless steel inside and out for the most durable finish.

2. All Fusion reach-ins are designed for energy efficiency featuring ENERGY STAR® qualification on each model. Additionally, glass door models are equipped with efficient and long-lasting LED lighting.

3. Full solid door and half solid door refrigerators and freezers are available as well as full glass door refrigerators.

4. Fusion refrigerators and freezers are equipped with a bottom-mounted refrigeration system with simple installation and no plumbing required. Bottom mounted refrigeration also allows easy access to lower level items inside the reach-in with less risk of back injury.


5. The standard electronic controller system displays temperature in either °F or °C and features a door open alarm with visible and audible warnings to help avoid food spoilage. A reminder also displays every six months to clean the condenser coil. Freezer models feature a rapid freeze mode to quickly lower temperature.



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