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How To Pick An Ice Cream Novelty Freezer

When dealing with ice cream and frozen novelties, your freezer is the most important part of the operation. Not only should freezer reliability be top concern but another factor to success is having an inviting and clean display at the front of the house to showcase novelties, spark interest and increase sales.

First and foremost, keep in mind that the ideal storage temperature for ice cream and frozen novelties is -10°F, while serving temperature is anywhere between 2° to 40°F. Here are some other points to consider when deciding on an ice cream and novelty display freezer for your operation:

  • Choose a display freezer equipped with an electronic controller which enables you to monitor defrost functions and warns you of temperature fluctuations with a visible and audible alarm.
  • Make sure your freezer is designed for optimum performance in an air conditioned area at 75°F ambient and 55% relative humidity.
  • Look for a case that has ample viewing area with non-fogging glass.
  • You’ll want to draw attention to your attractive novelty merchandise, so look for lighted graphic display panels.
  • A durable back door is a must for easy access to and stocking of product.
  • Doors should also have replaceable gaskets since those can wear out over time. Gaskets that allow cold air to escape are a big energy and money waster.
  • Full-length interior lighting is necessary for the best product exposure.

New advancements are constantly being made in the refrigeration industry, so when purchasing a display freezer, ask your supplier what new sustainable features are available. A respectable manufacturer can help you determine what type freezer your facility needs and help you install it as well. Technological advancements, wearability and energy efficiency are the key components to a successful system.


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