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Top Ten Walk-In Features

Letterman may have retired but “Top Ten” lists live on! When it comes to buying, selling or specifying Master-Bilt walk-ins, here are the top features to keep in mind…

10. Polyurethane foamed-in-place panels for superior insulation over polystyrene or wood. It takes about 8 inches of polystyrene to equal 4 inches of polyurethane. It takes about 33 inches of solid wood to equal!sept15-insulation-comparison-graphic

9. Standard 4” thick panels with 5” and 6” options to meet efficiency and snow load requirements.

8. Four types of walk-ins to fit your needs:  
7. Standard textured floors give slip-and-fall protection and still meet NSF guidelines. Heavy-duty and structural floors also available.

6. Entry door frames are welded heavy gauge steel and there’s an optional heavy duty door with rigid Z-shaped inner frame.

Panels can reach up to 27’ tall.

Master-Bilt ceiling panels can span 23’1” in 6” thickness with no additional panel support needed.


3. Adjustable hinge backing plates allow user to square up a door without removing it or the frame. Adjustable in any direction, not just horizontally.

2. Energy-free cooler entry doors and low energy freezer doors. Cooler doors don't require anti-sweat heat and freezer doors only require a low wattage heater in the frame.

1. FREE FREIGHT on Quick Ship walk-ins!

Visit our walk-in advantages page for more details.

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