endura-mnw-familyAvailable in one- and two-section models, Endura heated reach-ins feature forced ducted air distribution to maintain the desired uniform temperature throughout the cabinet.

Standard Features

  • Durable stainless steel interior and exterior
  • Long-lasting LED lighting
  • 4” diameter casters for mobility
  • Forced ducted air distribution maintains desired uniform temperature throughout the cabinet
  • Maintains up to 200°F ensuring stored product reaches desired temperature


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Endura Solid Door Reach-In-1-Door
Description: One Solid Door Heated Reach-In
Length: 27-1/2" (699mm)
Depth: 35-1/8" (892mm)
Height: 81-1/2" (2070mm)*
Endura Solid Door Reach-In
Description: Two Solid Door Heated Reach-In
Length: 55" (1397mm)
Depth: 35-1/8" (892mm)
Height: 81-1/2" (2070mm)*


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