Fusion™ undercounter/worktables feature a wide variety of sizes in refrigerator and freezer models. All models feature zero-clearance installation so they may be integrated into existing counters as well as a standard condenser filter screen, removable without tools, for easy condenser coil cleaning.

Save workspace by stacking two single door 27" wide undercounters on top of each other with the new Stacking Kit. Click or tap here for more information.

Solid Door Undercounter/Worktable Refrigerators

fusion-undercounter-freezer-family-thumbnailFusion undercounter refrigerator/worktables are complete with self-closing doors and heavy-duty ergonomic pull handles. 

Glass Door Undercounter/Worktable Refrigerators

fusion-glass-dr-undercounter-family-thumbnailFusion glass door undercounters add to kitchen convenience by increasing visibility. The self-closing dual pane glass doors also feature full length handles for easy opening.

Undercounter/Worktable Freezers

fusion-undercounter-freezer-family-thumbnailFusion undercounter freezer/worktables are constructed of stainless steel for long-lasting service and have heavy-duty casters making it easy to move and clean underneath.


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