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Interested in a system that increases food safety, prevents product loss and saves significantly on your energy bill?

Maintaining proper, consistent temperature in a walk-in or merchandiser is vital for protecting perishable items. However, when evaporator coils are blocked due to ice build-up, they lose the ability to transfer heat properly. Temperatures in a refrigerated space can then rise, resulting in spoilage.

The Master Controller Reverse Cycle Defrost (MCRCD) system is an optional electronic controller for Master-Bilt walk-in cooler and freezer refrigeration systems. It completely removes frost build-up in coils and works much faster than electric defrost heaters. Its patented design also saves up to 27% more energy than an all-mechanical system.

Cold Controlled master-controller-board

The MCRCD system is highly efficient since it regulates an electric expansion valve in response to evaporator superheat and return air temperature. Standard Demand Defrost technology initiates reverse cycle defrosts only as needed, allowing further energy savings.

MCRCD is part of a Master-Bilt refrigeration system which also includes a remote condensing unit, multi-compressor unit or parallel rack unit and one or more evaporator coils.

Reverse Cycle Defrost

This patented process reverses the direction of refrigerant flow during defrost reducing defrost energy usage by up to 80%. Defrost time is also greatly lessened. The average time using defrost heaters is 20-30 minutes. Reverse cycle can perform a completely "clean" defrost in as little as 3 to 5 minutes in a freezer or 1-1/2 to 2 minutes in a cooler.

 How much energy can you save? See a map showing estimated energy savings for the U.S. 


Master Controller Web2Walk-In Remote AccessBecause each Master Controller is accessible through any web browser, you have complete 24/7 control from anywhere on the globe. The Web2Walk-In software loaded on each controller allows you to remotely monitor and program all data and setpoints using any device with a wireless internet or cabled (cat 5) connection*. With Web2Walk-In, there’s no need for a service tech to climb onto a roof or enter the walk-in to monitor or adjust the refrigeration system. Plus, constant access to data allows users to improve refrigeration system performance and avoid service issues. 

*Internet connection not required for controller operation.


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