Walk-In Coolers & Walk-In Freezers

Featuring the latest in high density rail construction, Kool Star® by Master-Bilt® custom walk-in coolers and freezers offer maximum flexibility and convenience for a wide variety of applications such as display coolers, beer caves and food storage.


Standard Features

  • Kool Star® walk-ins aren't based on standard sizes and can be built to any dimension to the nearest 1/2-inch. The only restriction on size is an overall height of not more than 20 ft.
  • Kool Star® panels are foamed-in-place with polyurethane for maximum cooling efficiency.
  • Panel perimeters are formed of the same polyurethane foam in a higher density for added protection around the edges.
  • L-Shaped walk-ins, glass door fronts and cooler/freezer combinations are all available.
  • Standard panels are four-inches thick with an optional five-inch thickness available.
  • The standard wall and roof panel finish is 26 gauge acrylic-coated stucco galvanized steel with numerous options in interior and exterior finishes to match your design scheme or durability requirements.
  • The standard interior floor finish, when required, is .080 textured aluminum.
  • Paired with either an M-Series remote condensing unit with matching E-Series evaporator coil or PRS-2 Series packaged refrigeration system for a complete answer to your walk-in needs.
  • Refrigeration may also be provided through multi-compressor or parallel rack systems


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