Company Profile

The company that is now Master-Bilt was founded in a three-car garage in St. Louis in 1938. Two friends began producing refrigerated coolers for the 10-gallon milk cans used on dairy farms. From these humble beginnings, Master-Bilt has grown to become a manufacturer of many types of equipment for numerous markets.

Today, Master-Bilt equipment is used in many foodservice and retail settings including convenience stores, drug stores, restaurants and many others. In addition to ice cream cabinets and glass door merchandisers, Master-Bilt also produces walk-in coolers and freezers ranging in size from 30 square feet to complete refrigerated warehouses. In addition, our refrigeration systems are considered by many to be the best in the industry.

For over 80 years, Master-Bilt has built a solid reputation of quality and customer service. Give us a call at 800-647-1284 or email us at We look forward to proving our reputation to you.