Warranty Information

Thank you for purchasing a Master-Bilt product. We are here to assist you!

Warranty work must be performed by Refrigerated Solutions Group Authorized Service Providers

The Refrigeration Solutions Group (RSG) parts & service teams are dedicated to providing the support you need. The best path for getting parts and service support is to use our toll free parts and service phone number or email:

1-800-388-5253 | rsgservice@refsg.com

We will provide warranty support for the life of all units currently under warranty, regardless if it is a product family that is no longer manufactured or sold by RSG. In addition, service parts support, through our parts identification team, will continue for all products we have manufactured.

The RSG Technical Service team handles both Master-Bilt and Norlake branded equipment and is available from 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM CST. Level 1 technical service (part identification, warranty verification & access to wiring diagrams and manuals) is available from 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM. Manuals and other documentation are also available on the Norlake and Master-Bilt websites.

The RSG technical service team is available to provide troubleshooting and warranty parts, dispatch warranty service and support our authorized service provider technicians in the field. Authorized service providers can be found on our website and will be the only companies allowed to complete warranty work for reimbursement on RSG equipment.

All orders for service parts are placed through our master distributor, Parts Town. The RSG team at Parts Town can be reached at 1-800-388-5253.

Whether you are trying to reach technical service, parts or the parts team at PartsTown, using the RSG parts & services toll free number 1-800-388-5253 is the best way to be routed to the proper team.


Warranty Claim Process

Master-Bilt is pleased to announce you now have the ability to submit claims electronically using Global Warranty. This will reduce the time it takes to process your warranty claims. All warranty claims must be submitted through Global Warranty - your paper claim will not be processed without prior approval. The steps listed below will help you get started.

How do you submit a claim to us?

Master-Bilt warranty claims are processed using an internet based software database called Global Warranty accessible at https://globalwarranty.davisware.com/globalwarranty/ . Global Warranty requires a username and password. If you don’t have one, please contact the Master-Bilt Service and Warranty Department by phone at 800-684-8988, ext. 4224 or by email at mbservice@refsg.com.

Items required when submitting a claim:

1. Name and complete address of the person or institution seeking reimbursement.

2. Name and complete address of the customer serviced.

3. Master-Bilt model and serial number of the equipment serviced.

• If the service provided was on a walk-in, the model and serial number is located on the header above the door.

• If the service provided was on refrigeration, the model and serial number is located on a large 4" x 6" tag located on the base plate of the condensing unit.

• If the service provided was on a cabinet/reach-in unit, the model and serial number is on the inside left hand wall or on the exterior back wall.


Please Note: It is possible that the Master-Bilt tag will be in another location other than that listed above. Regardless, there will be a Master-Bilt tag on each piece of equipment.

4. Complete and accurate description of the service rendered to correct the problem.

5. List parts, labor and truck charge as well as any other miscellaneous charges separately.

6. For locally-purchased repair parts, you must provide the receipt indicating the price paid. If a receipt is not provided, reimbursement will be based on Master-Bilt’s wholesale cost.

7. For Copeland, Tecumseh, Bohn and Witt part failures within one year of service, please exchange the failed part at the wholesaler free of charge, as no credit will be issued from Master-Bilt.

8. If a work authorization was issued from Master-Bilt, please reference that number on your invoice and claim.

The use of a Master-Bilt as a contact name for authorization is not permitted.


Items required for reimbursement of a compressor within the first year of the compressor’s operation:

Please submit the basic information requested above for submitting a claim, in addition to the following:

1. A copy of the wholesale receipt indicating the compressor was exchanged at the wholesaler, as it was warranted through the compressor’s manufacturer, which is typically Copeland.

Credit will not be issued from Master-Bilt for the wholesale cost of a compressor covered under the compressor manufacturer’s warranty.

2. The model and serial number of the original compressor (copied from the serial tag) or a clear picture of the original compressor serial tag.

Do not remove the compressor serial tag, as the wholesaler will require it to be on the compressor when it is exchanged.


Items required for reimbursement of a compressor not covered under the first year of operation:

Please submit the basic information requested above for submitting a claim, in addition to the following:

1. A copy of the wholesale receipt indicating the cost of the compressor, along with a copy of the core credit receipt (if applicable).

2. The original compressor serial tag, unless it is from a semi-hermetic compressor as the serial tag must be in place for the core credit to be issued from the wholesaler.

Please Note: if you are unable to remove the serial tag from the compressor, please provide a copy or picture of the serial tag. If the model and serial number is not completely legible, please print the information on your receipt or invoice.

Master-Bilt may require that you produce wholesale receipts, compressor serials tags, photos, etc. Upload the receipts and/or pictures in the File Room tab on the claim.

Please be aware that if you are called out on a job by Master-Bilt, our representative or dealer or an end user to service Master-Bilt products that are not under warranty or does not fall within our warranty guidelines, or without prior approval, the claim will be rejected. Please make sure the customer is aware of this. Please obtain prior approval and a “Work Authorization Number” from any Master-Bilt service technician for service that is questionable.


Note: All claims must be submitted within 30 days of the repair according to our stated Warranty Policy.