October 2020

Master-Bilt® Refrigeration News & Product Information

Choosing The Right Walk-In Refrigeration System

Master-Bilt refrigeration systemsMaster-Bilt has been known for years as a manufacturer of quality refrigeration systems. Recently, we streamlined our product offering and are re-branding our systems to reflect a new marketing emphasis. Self-contained packaged systems are now called Capsule Pak™ systems while remote systems, consisting of condensing units and evaporator coils, will be named Split-Pak™. They may have new names, but the same high quality and performance are still there.

If you’re looking for a matching system for your walk-in cooler or freezer, how do you choose the best system for your application? Here are a few guidelines…

Choose a Capsule Pak self-contained system when…

  • Maximizing the interior space of the walk-in is important
  • The convenience of not having to hire a refrigeration contractor is important
  • Speed of installation is important
  • Rejecting the heat to the inside space is not a concern
  • All product is delivered cold

Choose a Split-Pak remote system when…

  • Larger capacity systems are needed
  • Height above the walk-in is restricted
  • Taking the heat outside and removing load from the HVAC system is important
  • Lower noise level inside the space is important
  • Un-chilled product is loaded into the walk-in and needs to be pulled down to the appropriate storage temperature
  • You expect frequent door openings