November 2016

Master-Bilt® Refrigeration News & Product Information

ColdSeal Max™ Doors Offer Heavy-Duty Efficiency

Master-Bilt’s new ColdSeal Max™ walk-in door, standard on custom Bilt2Spec™ models and Ready-Bilt™ models, has a number of enhancements in efficiency and durability over our previous heavy-duty door.

It’s What’s Inside That Counts

At the heart of ColdSeal Max™ doors is a welded, structural anodized aluminum rigid frame that holds up to heavy day-to-day usage. Also, with a superior, energy efficient thermal break, there’s less heat required to prevent condensation.

Standard LED Lighting

LED interior lighting is now standard. Designed to reduce electrical usage by up to 85%, the new lighting lasts up to 50,000 hours vs. 1000 hours for incandescent bulbs. Light fixtures are mounted at the top of the interior door to avoid blockage from shelves and stored items for full interior illumination. LEDs are “instant on” to full brightness with no waiting for lights to warm up and, when they are or, they emit a brighter white output at 4000°K.

Standard LED lighting reduces electrical usage in lighting by up to 85%.

New Digital Thermometer/Light Switch

Both thermometer and light switch are now conveniently integrated into one component. The waterproof “elbow-engaged” illuminated light switch allows you to turn on the light easily, even when your hands are full. Plus, the digital display is easy to read in all ambient conditions.

Thermometer and light switch are now integrated into one component.

Enhanced Door Hinges

ColdSeal Max™ doors feature heavy-duty, wide strap hinges which are field adjustable to compensate for door settling. Hinges also have a cam-lift feature and are spring-loaded to ensure doors close completely.

Wide strap, field adjustable hinges have a cam-lift feature and are spring-loaded to ensure full door closure.

Complete Closing

The door closer Spring-actuated closer assures the door is fully closed and will keep cold air inside the walk-in.

A durable door closer also helps ensure the door closes completely.

Standard Deadbolt-Locking Handle

This one really isn’t new but it’s still an outstanding feature. The standard handle locks with key or optional padlock and the locking mechanism has no exposed screws so it can’t be removed from the exterior. Even if the handle is removed (while in locked position), the door remains locked by the deadbolt which is extended over the door exterior. The handle also features a durable polished chrome finish.

The standard deadbolt-locking handle provides extra security for your walk-in.

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