September 2017

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Coming Through On A Complex Installation

Hyatt Regency
Morristown, NJ

Chef’s Corner, a one-stop shop for restaurant equipment and supplies in New Jersey, recently enlisted Master-Bilt on a custom 46’x16’ custom walk-in cooler at the Hyatt Regency in Morristown, NJ. From start to finish, Chef’s Corner helped the hotel design, deliver and install this walk-in cooler and with Master-Bilt, the complicated install went smoothly.

For Chef’s Corner, Master-Bilt was the go-to choice for the job. Because of Master-Bilt’s long history of reliable and trusted equipment and customer service, the team at Chef’s Corner knew Master-Bilt could handle a job with the magnitude of Hyatt Regency’s needs. “The installation of the custom walk-in at the Hyatt Regency was extremely complex in nature,” explained Anthony LiPitri, sales and marketing coordinator for Chef’s Corner.

With a walk-in cooler over 40 feet in length, LiPitri says there is a lot of work that has to be done behind-the-scenes that many people might not realize. In order for the installation to stay on time and on budget, each of the installers had to do their specific job properly and not deviate from the install plan. The refrigeration work added to the complexity of the install because there were multiple compressors in various locations, some quite far from the cooler. Several other factors including the location of the box having limited workspace, various inside and outside corners to deal with (because it was not a typical rectangular shape) and the task of demolishing the old walk-in made this an extremely complex job.

Yet, Master-Bilt was able to fulfill the requirements needed by both the Hyatt Regency and Chef’s Corner. “All in all, Chef’s Corner was able to fully install the new walk-in box on time and on budget,” said LiPitri. Plus, with the Hyatt Regency moving toward a greener and more energy-efficient footprint, Master-Bilt’s Master Controller Reverse Cycle Defrost System is what made this the perfect walk-in for them.

Master-Bilt is recognized across the industry because of their efficient, reliable equipment. The choice to select Master-Bilt was a clear one for Hyatt Regency because of their ability to meet their energy needs.The Master Controller system allows the Hyatt Regency to achieve greater energy savings, higher efficiency rates and easily allows constant monitoring of the walk-in.

Master-Bilt and Chef’s Corner have built a lasting relationship over the years. Chef’s Corner, founded in 1996, provides everything for their customers including: design, layout, equipment sales and delivery and installation of equipment. This attention to detail and commitment to quality customer service has kept Chef’s Corner a mainstay in the industry for over 20 years. Even today, Chef’s Corner is experiencing unprecedented growth as they strive to continue along the cutting edge of the food and beverage industry.