January 2017

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Customizing Refrigeration For Your Kitchen

One of the top challenges in a foodservice kitchen is utilization of workspace. Space is always at a premium and equipment must be arranged to maximize workflow. Fortunately, there are ways to customize foodservice refrigeration equipment to fit the needs of your kitchen.


A good way to add additional refrigerated or frozen storage space to your kitchen area is to use an undercounter refrigerator or freezer. Ideally, these models can be incorporated into existing counters so no additional space has to be devoted to another piece of equipment.

Prep Tables

When it comes to prep tables, overshelves are an outstanding space-utilizing option. As the name implies, these are shelves, typically stainless steel, attached to the back of a prep unit by a rack. Shelves come in single or double versions and provide additional space for pizza, sandwich or salad ingredients.

Multi-Compressor Systems

Multi-compressor refrigeration systems consist of several individual condensing units assembled in one enclosure. Each compressor has its own condenser coil or shared circuit. While not located in the kitchen, multi-compressor systems offer an opportunity to improve workspace conditions while lowering energy usage. These systems are custom-designed and are typically located on a roof or separate room. Their function is to incorporate all the refrigeration systems usually found in self-contained reach-ins, prep units and other equipment into one system. Using a rack system removes heat from a kitchen and helps lower the air conditioning load which, in turn, reduces energy usage.


Probably no other piece of refrigeration equipment is more customizable than a walk-in. From floor ramps to vinyl door curtains to electronic controller systems, the list of options is almost limitless. The panel metal finish comes in a wide variety of types and colors. Walk-in coolers and freezers can also be configured to practically any shape desired. For a more in-depth look at walk-in options, see the Cool It! article “Increase Walk-In Efficiency With Options.”

Possibly no other piece of refrigeration equipment is more customizable than a walk-in.