March 2016

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Developing An Ice Cream Display Strategy

In parts of the US it may be hard to believe, but spring is getting closer and soon thoughts will turn to baseball, lawncare and…ice cream! While ice cream indulgence certainly isn’t confined to the warmer months, almost nothing goes better with spring or summer than a crunch bar or three scoops of rocky road in a waffle cone.

Store owners, restrauteurs and other foodservice operators recognize the attraction, of course, and know that ice cream can be a big boost to the bottom line. Smart operators also realize that selecting the proper equipment to strategically display and present ice cream products is essential in making a program successful.

Whatever category the establishment, be it restaurants, cafés, schools, hospitals, hotels, or grocery stores, there is an appropriate means of ice cream display that can translate into significant revenue gains. The wonderful aspect about ice cream display is its versatility. Both retail and institutional markets have increased sales by introducing ice cream and frozen novelty display.

For restaurants, a small, low temp merchandiser near the entrance is a perfect way to display products that induce purchases. Merchandisers suited for displaying frozen cakes and other items without commanding a large amount of floor space are ideal.

With supermarket and other retail outlets, proper lighting and strategic product placement are a must. Customers must be attracted to products from a distance. Glass door freezer merchandisers with top lighted signs serve the purpose well. However, some store owners may prefer merchandisers with full height glass doors to accommodate more facings. In either case, brilliant LED lighting is a necessity. It’s not only energy efficient and longer-lasting but can also directed to shine directly on products to make them jump out.

Careful placement near checkout counters or in the front of the store can trigger impulse purchases that, after time, add up to significant gains. Countertop freezers are the best choice because they can be easily located near cash registers. Another good option is top-loading novelty freezers, which can be easily relocated in a store as needed to capitalize on high traffic areas.

While frozen novelties are a huge attraction, we can’t leave out good, old fashioned hand dipped ice cream. Many retail and institutional settings focus on dipping cabinets with larger and lower glass viewing displays. Low profile dipping/display cabinets provide ample viewing area for individuals of all sizes to see products on display. The expanded viewing area makes it especially easier for kids, who are arguably the best ice cream consumers, to see ice cream stored inside.


For every sales outlet, there is an appropriate way to display. Understanding the interplay between business and consumers can help determine the best merchandiser for each situation.