March 2016

Master-Bilt Refrigeration News & Product Information

Enhancements for Fusion Undercounters

With a wide variety of sizes and durable features, Fusion series undercounter/worktables have always been designed to fit foodservice needs.

Now, we’ve added enhancements to make them even better.

Keeping the condenser coil clean is vital for system longevity and the new condenser filter screen makes the job easier. The non-mechanical filter contains no moving parts and is simple to maintain. The mesh screen filters incoming air to keep the coil clear of dirt and debris. The filter is located in the back of each cabinet and cleaning it is a snap. Just pull the screen out, wash it off and replace. There’s no need to shut the cabinet down or remove a grille. You don’t even need tools.

Undercounters refrigeration systems are now front breathing which allows the cabinets to be enclosed on top, sides and back, freeing up valuable workspace.

Most of the new MBU-A series models also are more energy efficient and, as before, refrigerators are ENERGY STAR® qualified.