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Five Fast Facts About MRS Series Multi-Compressor Refrigeration Systems

1. You can use an MRS system to remotely locate all the refrigeration systems used in reach-ins, walk-ins and ice machines, to a single multi-compressor system typically located on a roof or outside the building. Remote refrigeration removes the heat produced by multiple refrigeration units from a kitchen or store and reduces air conditioning loads and energy bills.

2. Each MRS system has just a single roof penetration point that reduces installation cost and chances of roof leakage.

3. Each system has a pre-wired electrical panel with one-point connection for simple, cost-effective installation and service.

4. Modular system design that simplifies configuration, service and upgrading. Each system is composed of separate modules containing a condenser, compressor, receiver and other appropriate components.

5. Modular condenser coils are designed so that each refrigeration module utilizes an individual coil section. If necessary, a section can be replaced without shutting down the entire system.