May 2016

Master-Bilt Refrigeration News & Product Information

Five Fast Facts On Prep Units

1. Master-Bilt offers prep units through the Fusion™ sandwich/salad, mega top and pizza prep models as well as the Endura™ premium series models.

2. Fusion prep units are equipped with a drop-in section providing these benefits:

  • Fans force cold air into this enclosed area keeping food items stored in pans consistently cold
  • A stainless steel divider prevents food spillage into the storage area beneath
  • Accommodates 6″ deep pans (4″ standard)

3. Fusion units have insulated lids on all prep units help maintain food freshness.

4. Endura prep units feature separate temperature controls for pan well and storage areas for consistent quality ingredients

5. Pans included on Endura and Fusion models



Refrigerated drawer options are available on Fusion and Endura prep unit models.