March 2018

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Five Reasons To Invest In New Foodservice Equipment

That old reach-in refrigerator in your kitchen has served you well for 20 years but you’ve had the service tech out twice in the last three months to work on it. Or maybe business is booming and you need to expand your walk-in cooler to handle the volume. Nothing lasts forever and sometimes the situation calls for new equipment or at least an expansion of what you have. With that in mind, here are a few reasons to consider a new equipment purchase…

To Avoid Food Spoilage

Welcome to every foodservice operator’s nightmare. Your customers get sick and a food poisoning outbreak is traced back to your business. If food isn’t properly refrigerated, it can spoil and cause a multitude of troubles. Of course, sometimes it’s difficult to tell if food has spoiled. That’s why it’s so important to have dependable refrigeration. If a freezer or cooler isn’t holding temp and food isn’t properly cooling (even after servicing), you should seriously think about replacement. Don’t let the nightmare become a reality!

Ideally, a solid door reach-in refrigerator should operate between 32 to 40°F while a freezer should stay in the -5 to 5°F range. Of course, temperature ranges will vary depending on equipment type and specific applications. It’s a good idea to check your equipment specs to make sure it’s in the proper range. If you don’t have the information or can’t find it online, contact the manufacturer.

To Halt Frequent Service Issues

If you’re calling a service tech every other week, that’s another potential sign you need new equipment. Service techs are great and you should have regularly scheduled appointments for upkeep but, after a while, it’s just not worth it to keep patching up the old cooler. Plus, you don’t want a service issue to lead to the aforementioned spoilage nightmare.

To Reduce Energy Usage

If you were shocked by your last electrical bill (sorry, couldn’t resist!), you might think about upgrading to a more efficient model. With all the federal and state energy efficiency requirements that have come into being in the last few years, equipment is much more efficient than in the past. Look for equipment that meets Department of Energy 2017 standards.

To Support Business Expansion

Your business has grown and you find yourself in need of more refrigerated space or maybe you’re considering branching out into additional locations. It’s definitely time for new equipment. It may be tempting to go the used equipment route but, considering potential issues with reliability, warranty and parts accessibility, new is better.

Finding a dealer or manufacturer who can supply all your refrigeration needs at once, from prep tables to reach-ins to walk-ins, will make the purchasing process much more convenient. Knowledgeable staff can also make suggestions about equipment type or options to make your operation more efficient.

If you want to add refrigerated space in your current location and have a walk-in cooler or freezer, you may be able to expand what you currently have by purchasing additional panels. But make sure your refrigeration system can handle the extra load first. Your equipment dealer or the manufacturer can help evaluate your requirements.

To Adapt To New Foodservice Trends

Taking advantage of foodservice trends sometimes requires making equipment purchases as well. For example, if you want to add fresh sandwiches and salads to your menu, you’ll need a prep table and maybe a reach-in for added storage. To increase convenience and product accessibility in a retail setting, you may need an open air merchandiser or mobile display freezer.

One of the main challenges in keeping up with the latest food fads is how to integrate necessary equipment into your work space to support them. Certain pieces of equipment, like chef bases, are designed to fit under ovens to fully utilize tight work areas and still give you refrigerated space. Undercounter refrigerators and freezers can be incorporated into existing counters as an unobtrusive option.

There are a lot of reasons to invest in new equipment but, before you do, be sure to evaluate your current needs and get assistance from your dealer or manufacturer with any questions. Careful planning can ensure you keep your business running smoothly without the nightmares.