January 2018

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Frequently Asked Questions About SNAP & Remote Refrigeration Systems

Master-Bilt is meeting the challenge of the EPA’s Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) guidelines for remote refrigeration systems with new condensing units and evaporator coils using R448A/R449A refrigerants. All Master-Bilt remote systems are fully compliant with SNAP. However, we know there are still a lot of questions floating around about existing systems and refrigerants. With that in mind, we’ve developed a few FAQs to help relieve the confusion.

If I have “old” refrigerants in use today do I need to convert to the new refrigerants?

No. As in past refrigerant changes driven by regulatory requirements, refrigerants like R404A will be available for service needs. Refrigerant blends will also be used to replace old refrigerants.

When do I need to convert to the new refrigerants?

Equipment pre-charged prior to 1/1/2018 are not required to meet the new regulations.

How does an inspector know that the system was built prior to the “new” refrigerant changes?

The data plate (identification tag) on each piece of equipment provides the date of production. In some cases, certain manufacturer’s production date could be referenced as part of their serial number.

What if my system was received before the new code went into effect but I installed it after 1/1/18, is that acceptable?

This equipment is legal to sell and use. There is no requirement to convert equipment that has been pre-charged.

What if my install is delayed until later in 2018 but I bought the system prior to 12/31/17?

Equipment manufactured & pre-charged by 12/31/17 is not required to meet the new regulations.

Will I still be able to have my current system serviced with the “old” refrigerants?

Refrigerants like R404 will be available.

Are any parts eliminated from the conversion to new refrigerants?

No. Refrigeration systems still require the same operating components.

Are the new refrigerants more expensive?

Increased costs are related to the new compressors and refrigeration systems designed for the new refrigerants. As in the past when certain refrigerants have been delisted, they can become very expensive due to availability.

Is there an energy savings using R448A/R449A refrigerants?

R448A/R449A refrigerants themselves are not expected to have a significant energy savings. With the change to scroll compressors in many medium temp systems, the energy efficiency of these type compressors will result in some energy savings.

What are the benefits of scroll compressors?

    • 20% more efficient (lower operating costs)


    • Quieter and more reliable


    • Lighter weight, 1/3 to 1/2 the weight of the typical compressor


  • 70% fewer compressor parts

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