March 2020

Master-Bilt® Refrigeration News & Product Information

Ice Cream Dipping-Display Cabinets Redesigned With Operator In Mind

Master-Bilt’s DD series dipping-display cabinets have been redesigned with the operator in mind. Improved ergonomics as well as enhanced merchandising and energy efficiency are all included in the new models. There are three basic styles to choose from: standard lid, low glass lid and low curved glass lid.

Enhanced Ergonomics

A rounded rear edge on each model improves operator comfort when leaning inside the cabinet to scoop ice cream. The back wall has also been slightly lowered to make it easier to bend and reach ice cream containers inside.

Enhanced Merchandising

Product visibility has been enhanced with a frameless glass viewing window and glass ends. Bright and efficient LED lighting also helps draw attention to the ice cream inside.

Enhanced Performance

Energy efficiency and performance have also been improved with new refrigeration systems featuring R290 refrigerant. Side air vents, in addition to the rear vents, have been added to allow even better air circulation through the condensing unit compartment. This increased flow helps discharge more heat and increase system life. Cabinet walls and floors are also thicker now with the increased insulation keeping interior temperatures at a consistent level for quality ice cream.