March 2019

Master-Bilt® Refrigeration News & Product Information

Master Controller Gets A Make-Over

The Master Controller system is now easier to use than ever. All controller functions can now be accessed and changed through four buttons on the interface which is mounted on the front of a walk-in evaporator coil. Settings may also be updated remotely by any device with a wi-fi or cabled (cat 5) connection. The system is easier to navigate but still maintains all its functionality when it comes to increasing food safety and reducing energy and installation costs.

The Master Controller control board is factory installed inside the evaporator coil with an easy to use interface mounted on the outside. The coil features a removable side panel for access to the control board.

Food Safety

  • The reverse cycle defrost function helps prevent food spoilage because it completely and rapidly removes ice build-up in evaporator coils. Ice build-up causes coils to lose the ability to transfer heat properly. Walk-in temperatures then rise, resulting in spoilage.
  • Should there be an issue with the refrigeration system, operators will know instantly through error codes and data provided through online Web2Walk-In software.

Installation Savings

  • No wiring is required between evaporator coils and condensing units (two pairs of low voltage wires, typically thermostat cables, are required to operate the Reverse Cycle Defrost valve and the compressor relay at the condensing unit)
  • In some cases, the savings on wiring installation alone covers the cost of the Master Controller.

Energy Savings

  • Patented design saves up to 27% more energy than an all-mechanical system
  • Reverse cycle technology reduces defrost energy usage by up to 80% over traditional electric heaters.
  • Demand Defrost technology initiates reverse cycle defrosts only as needed, allowing further energy savings.
  • Save 2-4% more energy with the fan cycle option which saves electricity by cycling the evaporator fans during the compressor’s off cycle.


  • Web2Walk-In software loaded on each controller allows remote monitoring and programming using any device with a wireless internet or cabled (cat 5) connection.
  • No need for a service tech to climb onto a roof or enter the walk-in to monitor or adjust the
    refrigeration system.
  • Constant access to data allows users to improve refrigeration system performance and avoid service issues.

Master Controller functions can be accessed through the interface on the evaporator coil as well as any device with an internet connection.