May 2015

Master-Bilt Refrigeration News & Product Information

New Shallow Depth Back Bars Provide The Right Fit

Like most other foodservice and retail environments, workspace in bars is at a premium. Tight working areas call for equipment that fits a smaller footprint but doesn’t sacrifice performance. With that situation in mind, Master-Bilt introduces new shallow depth back bar refrigerators.

Glass and solid door models are available with three sizes in each type. Doors are also interchangeable should you decide to switch from solid to glass or vice versa. All models give you maximum storage with the ability to stack three longnecks high. LED lighting, especially important for effective product merchandising in glass door models, is standard.

Of course, temperature is critical with beer and wine so that’s why each model has an adjustable control to keep things properly chilled. Other standard features include a lock for each door to keep stored items secure.