March 2017

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Sitting in the beautiful Ponderosa Pine forests on the east slope of Oregon’s Mt. Hood is Camp Baldwin. There are plenty of blood-pumping activities available on the 680 acre campus, but beyond the surface, this nonprofit camp looks to instill a self-sufficient mindset among each camper. “The boys manage their own meals and camp duties for the entire week at camp which offers them the opportunity to express creativity, make choices and exercise their leadership skills.” Andrew Herold, Facilities Director of Boy Scouts of America, said.

It is all about the experience at Camp Baldwin but for Herold, improvements needed to be made in one particular area. “Last summer we had three separate stand-alone freezers and had to supplement with multiple food service deliveries.” The freezers at Camp Baldwin could not keep up with the heat and the staff had to hang box fans from the ceiling to keep the coils of the old freezers cool. The camp received a generous donation and the staff knew it was time to begin searching for a more efficient refrigerator and freezer combo to allow for better kitchen operation.

“We researched for a couple of months while preparing for the summer camp season…it was a learning process,” Herold said. “Every manufacturer touted their brand’s features as the best, but with 500 hungry campers in a remote location, being able to trust in the longstanding quality is important.”

“After closely comparing all of the possibilities, the Master-Bilt walk-in stood out. Even better was the fact that we would be able to save money because the assembly of the box was very simple,” Herold said.

The new Master-Bilt walk-in will not only make for a more efficient and pleasant kitchen operation for the camp, it will also create new and unforgettable experiences for each camper who comes through its doors.