January 2017

Master-Bilt® Refrigeration News & Product Information

Prepping For Success

Master-Bilt has enhanced the Fusion MBSP-A™ series sandwich/salad prep units by making them easier to use and service.

To begin with, the stainless steel bars running front to back in the pan area are now locking. The ends of the bars fit into slots that hold them in place. This makes it easier for operators to move pans in and out of the unit without the bars sliding around. Locking bars also help avoid potential food spillage beneath the pans.

All models now feature standard 1/6 size pans. Previously, the MBSP27-8 model featured a mixture of 1/6 and 1/9 sizes. Moving to one standard size makes it more convenient for operators.

It’s now easier to keep compressor clean and extend refrigeration system life with the condenser filter screen. The screen traps dirt and debris keeping it from entering the condenser. The screen slides out the back of the prep unit (no tools required) and can be easily washed off and replaced.

As with Fusion™ undercounter models, the MBSP-A series now features a front-breathing refrigeration system which allows zero-clearance installation on the sides and back.