January 2019

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Reasons for Blast Chilling Beyond Food Safety


Although Master-Bilt recently discontinued blast chillers and freezers, much of the information in this article is still applicable. We are leaving it here as an informational guide only. Click or tap here for more on our other refrigeration equipment products. 


When it comes to blast chillers, food safety is the main motivation for purchasing. However, they prove their worth in other important ways as well.

Labor Savings

Using a blast chiller enables a chef to cook menu items during slower business hours and re-therm as needed during a rush, saving the time of cooking from scratch. Blast chilling also eliminates the time spent waiting on items to get cold which adds to production and shortens shifts.

Food Savings

As food prices continue to rise, reducing waste is more important than ever. Blast chillers employ highly configurable and reliable electronic controls to ensure food safety and reduce spoilage. The same reduction in microbial activity that improves food safety also improves shelf life. Blast chilled foods have a solid five-day shelf life. Leftovers are truly usable and are as good as the day they were made. Additionally, in some cases, you can buy seasonal food items when the pricing is best and store until needed.

Food Freshness

One of the latest food trends is the demand for freshness. Blast chillers lock in the quality of food as they chill or freeze. Because the freezing process is so rapid, the liquid inside the food is transformed into micro-crystals as opposed to macro-crystals. When food is frozen in a normal freezer, larger macro-crystals form and rupture the cell walls. When the food melts, the liquid seeps out and the food quality deteriorates. With micro-crystallization, the cell walls remain intact and food quality and freshness is retained.

Anyone in the restaurant industry knows that higher quality foods help boost your reputation. And, as more disposable income shrinks, you need to provide a reason for consumers to pick your restaurant. Blast chilling can help ensure you’re keeping the freshness at the optimum level to attract more customers.