March 2020

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The Glass Door Merchandisers Guide

Glass door merchandisers are one of the best ways to showcase refrigerated products.

(updated 3-31-21)

Effective display is essential when selling refrigerated foods and beverages. And glass door merchandisers are one of the best, most widely used ways to showcase refrigerated products. If you’re opening a new business or planning to add merchandisers to an existing one, here are a few tips to help you find the right model for showing off your products and increasing your sales.

There’s a wide variety of merchandisers out there, but for this article, we’re limiting the discussion to self-contained upright models. If you’re looking for a multi-door line-up, endless glass door models are also available, or, for point of sale solutions, countertop refrigerators are a good choice.

One of the first things to point out is that glass door merchandisers differ from glass door refrigerators. Merchandisers are for holding sealed or packaged items only. They are not for storing open food containers, fruits or vegetables. Glass door refrigerators, typically subjected to stricter sanitary requirements, are more suited for that purpose.

Overhead Signs or Full-Length Doors?

One of the main distinctions when it comes to glass door merchandisers are those with lighted graphic panels on the top or those with full length doors.

A lighted sign is helpful in attracting attention, especially at a distance. If your refrigerated items are located at the back of the store, extra signage could come in handy. On the other hand, merchandisers will full length doors make it possible to display more products. A wider variety of items can also be attractive. Either way, there’s no wrong answer, it just depends on preference and the specific application.

Types And Sizes Of Merchandisers

Depending on the type of products you’re displaying, you’ll need either a refrigerator or a freezer, or possibly both. Sizes vary widely but both coolers and freezers come in approximate widths of 27” to 78”. Swing door models are provided in one, two or three door models while slide door refrigerators are offered in two or three door versions. Think about the amount of space you have available and your volume of sales to help determine the size that best suits your needs.

Merchandiser Door Choices

Door options are either swing or slide. Refrigerators are usually offered in swing and slide door while freezers are in swing only.

Sliding door models are for tight sales spaces so an open door doesn’t protrude into the aisle. Swing doors are mounted with either left- or right-hand swing depending on the manufacturer. With swing doors, look for a tension and leveling control so you can make sure the doors are closing fully and keeping cold air inside.

Shelving Options For Merchandisers

Shelving options differ but generally they are either mounted on pilasters using clips or they are cantilever. Cantilever shelves attach to columns in the rear wall of the merchandiser and can be positioned level or angled. Either way, you can position shelves as needed to display a variety of products. Price tag molding is a feature on many shelves. It attaches to the outside shelf edge and is useful for displaying the product item number and pricing. The number of shelves provided with a merchandiser can vary but four shelves per door is optimum.

Glass door merchandiser shelving options

Usually, shelving options are either pilaster-based (left) or cantilever.

Merchandiser Lighting

LED lighting is standard on most all merchandisers now for several reasons. It’s longer lasting, uses less energy and doesn’t introduce heat into the merchandiser’s interior. The quality of LED light is also better than fluorescent as the brightness and tone of LEDs make product packaging stand out more.

For More Information

There are a lot of options out there when choosing a glass door merchandiser. This article has touched on some of the basics but, to make sure you’re getting the best model for your application, contact your local equipment dealer or the Master-Bilt customer care team at 800-647-1284.