September 2015

Master-Bilt Refrigeration News & Product Information

Top Ten Walk-In Features

(updated 2-24-22)

When it comes to buying, selling or specifying Master-Bilt walk-ins, here are the top features to keep in mind…

10. Polyurethane foamed-in-place panels for superior insulation over polystyrene or wood. It takes about 8 inches of polystyrene to equal 4 inches of polyurethane. It takes about 33 inches of solid wood to equal!

9. Standard 4” thick panels with 5” option to meet efficiency and snow load requirements.

8. Sizes range from a minimum 6 x 6 foot to larger, more elaborate warehouses.

7. Wide range of flooring available from standard .100 ga. smooth aluminum to heavy-duty and structural floors.

6. Door widths of 26″, 30″ and 36″ to suit your application.

Standard deadbolt-locking handles on all entry doors.

4. Wide range of refrigeration systems to go with your cooler or freezer ranging from self-contained Capsule Pak™ to remote Split-Pak™ to multi-compressor rack systems.

3. Adjustable hinge backing plates allow user to square up a door without removing it or the frame. Adjustable in any direction, not just horizontally.

2. Cam-locking system makes it easy to assemble panels. Should a walk-in need relocation or expansion, panels can be taken apart as easily as they are assembled.

Three types of walk-ins to fit your needs:


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