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As a trusted partner, Master-Bilt provides quality walk-ins and refrigeration systems you can depend on. All our refrigeration products are manufactured using proven components and construction techniques.

For example, polyurethane insulation in our walk-in panels provides superior heat and moisture resistance compared to other options. Using polyurethane, Master-Bilt provides panels with an R value of 32 which meets or surpasses federal energy standards for coolers and freezers.

The refrigeration systems provided with walk-ins are designed for energy efficiency and easy installation. And, with some of the best lead times in the industry, you can get a complete cold storage solution when you need it.

From standard quick ship to fully customized, Master-Bilt walk in coolers, freezers and cooler-freezer combos provide dependable cold storage for your products. As a partner in your long term success, we are ready to help with all project phases from planning to installation. The result is an easy to install, reliable walk-in with low operational costs.

Walk Ins That Fit Your Needs

Master-Bilt walk-ins fit a wide range of markets in retail and foodservice, so whether you’re adding glass door display coolers to your c-store or more storage for your ghost kitchen, we have the answer.

Walk Ins & Refrigeration Systems: A Full Package

Master-Bilt replacement refrigeration systems include self-contained and remote system options.

Master-Bilt offers a wide range of self-contained and remote systems.

Master-Bilt saves your valuable time by being a one source provider of walk ins and refrigeration systems. Our refrigeration options include self-contained, remote and multi-compressor models, so you are assured of a quality system that will match your cold storage requirements.

Plus, you can stay connected to your refrigeration system through the internet with LogiTemp® electronic controller systems. LogiTemp is standard on many systems and increases energy efficiency and food safety.

Walk In Reliability After The Sale

When it comes to reliability, our walk-ins are designed for many years of service with industry leading warranties on panels and refrigeration systems. Should there be an issue, our nationwide network of Authorized Service Providers is ready to assist.

Master-Bilt is ready to help with dependable walk-ins that match your needs. Explore the links below to find the right model.

*Custom walk-in lead times may vary depending on specific orders and components.

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