Bar Equipment

Fusion bar refrigeration equipment covers everything needed to successfully run your back bar area. Beer bottle coolers are designed for consistent airflow throughout the cabinet. Back bar coolers are available in solid and glass door models and in standard or shallow depth. Direct draw keg refrigerators feature stainless draft towers with channeled cold air circulation throughout.

Fusion™ Back Bar Refrigerators

 Available in four sizes, Fusion™ Series back bar refrigerators come with solid or glass doors depending on your merchandising needs.

Fusion™ Shallow Depth Back Bar Refrigerators

Fusion series shallow depth bar refrigerators are designed to fit tighter work spaces. These wine and beer coolers fit the need for display flexibility in a smaller footprint.

Fusion™ Bottle Coolers

Fusion Series beer bottle coolers are equipped with adjustable epoxy-coated dividers to make it easy to stack and store more product. Evaporator coils feature multiple fan motors and blades for greater air flow and the most reliable beer refrigeration.

Fusion™ Direct Draw Beer Keg Coolers

Fusion Series direct draw beer keg coolers feature 3-in. diameter draft towers cooled by continuous cold air circulation to keep on-tap favorites consistently cold.