Bar Equipment

Fusion™ bar refrigeration equipment includes a wide range of back bar refrigerators and direct draw refrigerators.

Back bar refrigerators are usually found behind the bar for quick access to beverages. There are many sizes available to suit your workspace and business volume needs.

You can also choose from solid or glass door models. Solid door models are a good choice if you need easy access to products and want to store them in the bar area. Glass doors are more suited to displaying your products and helping create impulse sales.

Other back bar refrigerator options include shallow depth models. These refrigerators are ideal for areas with more limited space as their overall depth is less than the standard models.

Direct draw keg refrigerators are designed to keep your on-tap beverages reliably cold. Durable stainless steel draft towers are cooled by continuous cold air circulation, so every beer drawn is refreshingly cold. A single keg cooler, the MBDD24 model, is equipped with standard casters and a glass rail making it an ideal portable “event” cooler.

Fusion™ Back Bar Refrigerators

Fusion™ Series back bar refrigerators are available in four sizes and come with solid or glass doors depending on your merchandising needs.

Fusion™ Shallow Depth Back Bar Refrigerators

Fusion™ series shallow depth back bar refrigerators are designed to fit tighter work spaces while still displaying a wide range of beverages.

Fusion™ Direct Draw Beer Keg Coolers

Fusion™ series direct draw beer keg coolers feature draft towers cooled by continuous cold air circulation to keep on-tap favorites consistently cold.