Bilt2Spec™ Custom Walk-Ins

Bilt2Spec walk in coolers and freezers are custom designed to fit virtually any size or shape. Using our wide range of options, you can make your walk in an extension of your business personality. Numerous interior and exterior finish options adapt to decor or durability requirements. Choose from many refrigeration system types to reliably and efficiently cool your stored products. Many walk in door accessories and other add-on features are also available to increase convenience and ease of use.


Standard Features

  • Polyurethane foamed-in-place panels
  • Coolers, freezers and combinations available
  • Wide range of interior and exterior finishes
  • Optional Master Controller Reverse Cycle Defrost system for walk-in coolers and freezers
  • Heavy-duty door
  • Many other door sizes and types available including slide, bi-parting and lift
  • Standard 4-inch thick panels with 5-inch thick option
  • Unique adjustable hinge backing plates guarantee level door placement during installation and make future adjustments a simple process.
  • Smooth aluminum floors with heavy-duty and structural floor options available
  • Deadbolt-locking door handle for added security
  • All walk-ins meet or exceed federal EISA requirements
  • 15 year panel warranty