Cabinets & Merchandisers

Master-Bilt refrigeration equipment includes ice cream cabinets and Endless glass door display cases.

Master-Bilt cabinets and merchandisers include a full line of ice cream dipping cabinets and display freezers as well as our versatile Endless glass door merchandisers.

Our ice cream cabinets feature a wide range of models to fit your store layout and sales volume. Both standard dipping cabinets and dipping-display merchandisers are available. In addition, we offer ice cream topping centers which are ideal for preparing sundaes or similar desserts. If you are looking for a way to showcase pre-packaged frozen treats, our display freezers are the answer. These highly mobile freezers may be located anywhere in your store to take advantage of impulse purchases.

Ideal for new installations or remodels, Endless glass door merchandisers are designed to fit your store layout with:

  • Efficient installation
  • Efficient operation
  • Outstanding product display

As the name “Endless” implies, you can create a nearly unlimited lineup of doors using single modules of 2, 3, 4 and 5 doors. In fact, you can integrate coolers, freezers or both into a single line or, if you prefer, use the single modules as stand-alone cases. Endless models are designed so that 100% of the pack-out space falls within customers’ viewable area so they see all your products.

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“It seemed like everyone we asked, the answer was still the same. Turn to Master-Bilt for your refrigeration needs; their quality, reliability and customer support is second to none.”

Dr. Kanti Parekh
Kwality Ice Cream
Edison, NJ

Ice Cream Cabinets

Ice cream cabinets are designed for flexibility in both storage and display. Dipping cabinets in many sizes provide consistent temperature to keep stored product frozen. Dipping/display freezers combine storage and merchandising into one cabinet.

Display Chest Freezers

Display chest freezers are designed for ice cream and frozen treat display. They draw attention to your products and help you sell more.

Endless Glass Door Merchandisers

You can use Endless glass door merchandisers as stand-alone cases or combine them in a line-up with as many doors as required. 100% of the product pack-out space is within the customer's visible area.