Countertop Refrigerator

Master-Bilt countertop refrigerator merchandiser

The MBCTM7-B countertop refrigerator features standard LED lighting to display your products in their best light.  Additionally, there are two adjustable shelves you can position to fit the height of your stored products.

Standard Features

  • LED lighting provides eye-catching appeal for products and is more energy efficient
  • Two epoxy-coated shelves can be adjusted as needed
  • Four adjustable levelers to adapt to unlevel surfaces
  • Right hand hinged door with magnetic gaskets and durable pull handle


Available products, click on image for additional product information.


Description: Countertop Refrigerator Merchandiser Length: 20-3/8" (518 mm) Depth: 24-3/8" (619 mm) Height: 36-1/2" (927 mm)