Countertop Refrigerators And Freezers

Master-Bilt countertop coolers and freezers are ideal for point of purchase areas like checkout lanes or endcaps.

They fit into tighter spaces but still have plenty of space to display beverages or frozen treats. Also, each model is equipped with adjustable shelving so you can feature more products.

Increase impulse sales of canned or bottled drinks by locating the MBCTM-7B countertop cooler merchandiser near cash registers or next to complementary items like sandwich displays.

The MBCTM4-F countertop freezer model is ideally suited for ice cream or frozen treat display. LED lighting around the door perimeter provides efficient, high quality lighting to draw attention to your products.

Countertop Refrigerator

Countertop refrigerator from Master-Bilt features standard LED lighting for optimum display as well as two durable shelves.

Countertop Freezer

This countertop freezer, ideal for ice cream and frozen treats, combines dependable refrigeration system performance with flexible merchandising for your products.