Dipping Cabinets

Master-Bilt’s durably designed ice cream dipping cabinets offer reliable serving and storage performance.

All dipping cabinets contain a refrigeration system with a cold wall evaporator for added efficiency. In the cold wall design, foamed-in-place refrigerant lines are wrapped around the outside of the inner housing to provide an even temperature throughout the dipping cabinet.

The cold wall system also eliminates air blowing across the ice cream, which can lower product quality.

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Standard ice cream dipping cabinets accommodate 3-gallon containers and are available in various sizes to suit your needs. Designed for easy usage, all models also feature a floor drain with a garden hose fitting so that when you wash them out, you can channel the water through a hose to your drain.

Deluxe dipping/display freezer models make ideal merchandising cases for your most popular flavors. With several sizes of dipping/display cabinets available, it’s easy to find a model to match the number of flavors you want to display.

The all-glass top features a rear lid that raises to allow store employees to dip ice cream for customers. Choose from different glass tops, including standard, low front, and low curved front glass. The glass lids include standard wiper gaskets on the top and side to keep out warm outside air and contaminants.

Master-Bilt designed these cabinets with the operator in mind. We lowered the rear of the cabinets, making it easier to lean inside for scooping, and rounded the rear edge for additional comfort.

Conventional Dipping Cabinets

Conventional ice cream dipping cabinets from Master-Bilt include many models to fit your space. All models have durable stainless steel tops and lids.

Dipping-Display Cabinets

Dipping-display cabinets from Master-Bilt come in standard lid, low profile flat glass lid and low profile curved glass lid models to suit most any ice cream merchandising need.