LogiTemp® Electronic Controller Systems

LogiTemp electronic controllers increase food safety while reducing energy and installation costs compared to all-mechanical systems. LogiTemp is standard on all self-contained Capsule Pak™ refrigeration systems, with a more limited feature set on Capsule Pak ECO™ systems. On remote Split-Pak™ systems, it is standard on freezer systems 6 H.P. and above and optional on other systems

Capsule Pak refrigeration systems are standard with an electronic controller

Capsule Pak™ refrigeration systems are standard with LogiTemp.

LogiTemp™ controller on Split-Pak™ refrigeration system

Many Split-Pak refrigeration systems are also standard with LogiTemp controllers.

Food Safety

  • More precise and reliable controls than an all-mechanical system for increased food safety
  • Should there be an issue with the refrigeration system, operators will know instantly through error codes and data provided online (Capsule Pak and Split-Pak models only)

Installation Savings

  • LogiTemp is an integrated component of all Capsule Pak and Capsule Pak ECO systems; no installation is required
  • Split-Pak systems don’t require wiring between evaporator coils and condensing units (2 pairs of low-voltage wires, typically thermostat cables, are required to operate the Reverse Cycle Defrost valve and the compressor relay at the condensing unit).
  • On Split-Pak systems, a LogiTemp-equipped system uses less refrigerant with no winter charge necessary

Energy Savings

  • LogiTemp saves up to 27% more energy than an all-mechanical system
  • Demand Defrost technology on Capsule Pak and Split-Pak models initiates a defrost as needed for further energy savings
  • Defrost time, when activated, is also significantly shortened
  • LogiTemp Plus with Reverse Cycle Defrost provides additional savings
  • On Split-Pak systems, save 2-4% more energy with the fan cycle option, which saves electricity by cycling the evaporator fans during the compressor’s off cycle

Connectivity (Capsule Pak and Split-Pak Models Only) 

Track refrigeration system performance remotely with electronic controllers.

  • Software loaded on each controller allows remote monitoring and programming using any device with wireless internet or a cabled (cat 5) connection
  • No need for a service tech to climb onto a roof or enter the walk-in to monitor or adjust the refrigeration system
  • Constant data access allows users to improve refrigeration performance and avoid service issues

See our guide to remote connections for LogiTemp controllers

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LogiTemp® Remote Connection

LogiTemp® electronic controllers have different connection methods depending on your refrigeration system's specific controller type.

LogiTemp® Plus With Reverse Cycle Defrost

LogiTemp® Plus With Reverse Cycle Defrost system helps avoid food spoilage by completely removing frost build-up in evaporator coils.