Ice Cream Cabinets

Ice cream dipping cabinets and merchandisers

One of the keys to a successful ice cream store or parlor is selecting the right equipment. Reliable ice cream cabinets that fit your workspace and sales goals are essential.

There are several types of ice cream cabinets available. Standard dipping cabinets, built to hold 3-gallon containers, are usually found behind a counter or in the back of the house.

Dipping cabinets accommodate individual needs with various widths. It’s a good idea to determine the number of flavors you want to display up front and then look for the right cabinet.

Ice cream dipping/display merchandisers are ideal if you are looking for a cabinet to show off your flavors. These cabinets are frequently found toward the front of the store or integrated into a counter.

Dipping/display cabinets come in several styles of glass tops – standard, low glass and low curved glass. Master-Bilt designs all models for product visibility, but the lower glass models allow the full view.

Ice cream topping centers are an excellent choice if you offer sundaes or similar desserts. These cabinets contain a refrigerated rail to hold syrup pumps and jars with all the necessary ingredients. There are many optional pump and jar combinations available to fit your needs.

Dipping Cabinets

Master-Bilt’s durably designed dipping cabinets offer reliable performance for ice cream serving and storage. Deluxe dipping/display freezer models provide added merchandising ability with a variety of styles including low front glass for increased product visibility.

Ice Cream Topping Centers

Ice cream topping centers are dipping cabinets with a raised refrigerated rail to conveniently hold all your ice cream add-ins.