Milk Coolers

Master-Bilt milk coolers are designed to quickly pull milk down to storage temperature and keep it there. An easy to read digital thermometer displays the temperature so you can always be sure your milk products are safe to serve.

As a safety guard, milk cooler doors have a “hold-open” feature to keep them securely in place during serving and standard casters make it easy to relocate in the cafeteria as needed.


Each milk cooler features a cold wall evaporator refrigeration system, in which refrigerant runs through lines that are embedded in the walls of the cooler. This system offers many advantages:

  • More storage space as no evaporator coil is installed inside the cooler
  • Superior energy efficiency over systems containing an evaporator coil
  • Fewer mechanical parts for longer service life
  • Better temperature maintenance in high humidity environments

Because you need a cooler that holds up to heavy daily usage, the self-service doors and interior are constructed of stainless steel. As further protection from damage, each milk cooler is equipped with standard corner bumpers. Additionally, heavy-duty floor racks hold up to the weight of stored milk.

Single Access Milk Coolers

Single access milk coolers feature a cold wall evaporator with no moving parts allowing for additional storage space and enhanced reliability. Cooler doors fold back and lock for safe self-service for small children.

Dual Access Milk Coolers

Dual access milk coolers allow serving of two lines at once. Cooler doors have a secure hold-open feature during serving times as well as easy-roll casters to relocate as needed.