Modular Multi-Compressor Systems

Modular multi-compressor systems allow businesses to remotely locate all individual refrigeration systems to a single system for increased efficiency.

Energy Efficiency

Each piece of refrigeration equipment such as reach-ins, walk-ins and ice machines, has its own refrigeration system. Each one of these systems releases heat into the surrounding kitchen or store. In turn, this heat increases the load on the air conditioning system, resulting in higher energy usage.

By combining all the refrigeration equipment to one remotely located system, business owners can remove the heat and reduce their air conditioning load. Remote systems, typically roof-mounted, also reduce noise level and extend the life of equipment.

Design Efficiency

These systems contain several compressors to handle the refrigeration load from individual pieces of equipment. This is why they are referred to as multi-compressor systems.

Master-Bilt MRS series multi-compressor systems are composed of individual modules. Each module is comprised of a compressor with refrigeration components pre-piped to its own condenser. The condenser is divided into sections to protect against total system failure. This way, should a section be damaged, it can be replaced without replacing an entire condenser coil.

Installation Efficiency

Installation efficiency is also a big advantage with Master-Bilt MRS series units. Each condensing unit mounted on a roof requires a hole through the roof so that refrigerant piping can be run to the equipment. The more remote systems you have, the more holes you have in your roof. With an MRS system, you have one hole only. This single roof penetration point reduces installation costs and chances of roof leakage.

Electrical hook-up is also greatly simplified as each MRS unit features a pre-wired electrical panel with a single point connection.

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Standard Features

  • MRS units can house up to 16 modules
  • Modules can be configured individually as medium or low temp
  • Compressors are available as hermetic, semi-hermetic or scroll
  • Modular condenser coils are designed so that each refrigeration module utilizes an individual coil section. If necessary, a section can be replaced without shutting down the entire system.
  • Pre-wired to an electrical panel for one-point connection
  • Condenser modules are designed for 110°F temperatures
  • Protected in cold weather conditions by built-in low ambient components, including head masters and crankcase heaters
  • The system’s galvanized steel housing (stainless steel finish available) provides further protection from the elements
  • The MRS allows modules to be pre-piped to a central location area
  • The single roof penetration point reduces installation costs and chances of roof leakage
  • Pitch pocket inside each MRS unit decreases roof leaks
  • Because all the refrigeration components are housed in one unit, the system is also easier to service
  • Master Controller system available as an option