Modular Multi-Compressor Systems

By remoting all refrigeration systems in their establishments, including those in reach-ins, walk-ins and ice machines, to a single MRS multi-compressor system, business owners can remove the heat produced by multiple refrigeration systems from their kitchen or store and reduce their air conditioning load. These outside systems, typically roof-mounted, also reduce noise level and extend the life of equipment.

MRS units are modular in design with each module comprised of a compressor with refrigeration components pre-piped to its own condenser. The modular condenser protects against catastrophic failure. Should a section be damaged, it can be replaced without replacing the entire coil.

Standard Features

  • MRS units can house up to 16 modules
  • Modules can be configured individually as medium or low temp
  • Compressors are available as hermetic, semi-hermetic or scroll
  • Modular condenser coils are designed so that each refrigeration module utilizes an individual coil section. If necessary, a section can be replaced without shutting down the entire system.
  • Pre-wired to an electrical panel for one-point connection
  • The compactly stacked condenser modules are designed for 110°F temperatures
  • Protected in cold weather conditions by integrated low ambient components, including head masters and crankcase heaters
  • The system’s galvanized steel housing (stainless steel finish available) provides further protection from the elements
  • The MRS allows modules to be pre-piped to a central location area
  • The single roof penetration point reduces installation costs and chances of roof leakage
  • Pitch pocket inside each MRS unit decreases roof leaks
  • Because all the refrigeration components are housed in one unit, the system is also easier to service
  • Master Controller Reverse Cycle Defrost system available as an option
  • Super Controller available as an option