Prep Tables

Fusion™ prep tables are designed for convenience, capacity and reliability.

Firstly, each model is supplied with an ample number of pans to keep ingredients close at hand for quick sandwich, salad or pizza assembly.

Secondly, Master-Bilt has a variety of sizes available to fit your prep area. Remember, determining the exact model depends on your business volume and how much of each ingredient is needed to meet customer demand.

Thirdly, we supply reliable storage. As you know, keeping your food items fresh is vitally important. For that reason food pans are housed within an enclosed refrigerated section. Inside this area, cold air flows around each pan to keep your ingredients fresh.

Beneath the pan area, there is also plenty of storage space for additional food items so you can refill pans as needed.

Lastly, in addition to reliable storage, we give you room to work. That’s why each Fusion series prep table has a reversible cutting board to provide plenty of room for food preparation.

For added workspace above your prep table, you may want to consider a single or double overshelf option.

Sandwich/Salad Prep Tables

Fusion™ sandwich/salad prep tables feature durable stainless steel construction with an enclosed drop-in section and insulated lids to maintain food freshness.

Sandwich/Salad Mega Top Prep Tables

Fusion™ mega top sandwich/salad prep tables offer an extra row of pans for added capacity while standard interior shelves maximize storage ability.

Pizza Prep Tables

Fusion™ pizza prep tables feature a 19-inch deep cutting board for a large, durable working space. Insulated lids help maintain food freshness while heavy-duty casters make it easy to move and clean underneath.