Refrigerated Warehouses

Master-Bilt offers one source service for refrigerated warehouses, including panels, refrigeration systems and installation.

Planning all the construction details for cold storage warehouses is challenging. Master-Bilt makes the job much more manageable with one source service for panels, refrigeration systems and installation.

Master-Bilt refrigerated warehouses share much of the same panel, door and floor construction with smaller walk-in coolers and freezers but with many options to customize your structure. Roof coverings, for example, include galvalume, flat membrane and sloped membrane with several indoor and outdoor roof suspension methods. Other options include metal facades, sliding and lift doors, vinyl strip curtains and dock weather seals.

The Master-Bilt team designs custom remote refrigeration systems for refrigerated warehouses as the application requires. In addition, Master-Bilt provides multi-compressor refrigeration systems that allow businesses to remotely locate all individual refrigeration systems to a single system for increased efficiency.

Experienced sales and design personnel work with you to determine your needs at each stage of construction. From the first steel beam to the last insulated panel, Master-Bilt meets your specifications. Plus, we are always ready to help you with any modifications or expansions.

Use our Savings Calculator to see how much you can save with Master-Bilt polyurethane insulated walk-ins.

Use our Savings Calculator to see how much you save with polyurethane insulated walk-ins.

Or let us help with your next refrigeration project.