Refrigeration Systems

Refrigeration systems are the heart of any cooler or freezer, especially in a commercial application. That is why you need the highest quality system for worry-free cold storage.

Master-Bilt designs and builds systems that not only provide a reliable temperature but deliver on energy efficiency and ease of installation and service.

From remote single compressor Split-Pak™ systems to self-contained Capsule Pak™ models to multi-compressor MRS series rack systems, Master-Bilt has a refrigeration solution to meet your needs.

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Environmentally Friendly Systems

Master-Bilt systems are designed to be environmentally friendly while providing the highest level of performance. All systems feature R449A refrigerant due to its low global warming potential (GWP). R449A can also be used in a wide range of applications and gives us the flexibility to provide the broadest product line for our customers.

Quality Components

To ensure reliability and efficiency, Master-Bilt uses high quality, energy- saving components. Condensing units feature generously sized condensers that hold up to extreme weather conditions. Energy efficient compressors, EC fan motors and the Master Controller electronic controller system* are a few of the built-in elements that help reduce energy cost.

Components are arranged for easy access when service is needed. Condensing unit components are thoughtfully positioned on their metal base for easy service access. Also, in Capsule Pak self-contained systems, many evaporator coil components are accessible from inside the walk-in cooler.

Easy Installation & Service

Ease of installation is one of the most important factors with any refrigeration system. Self-contained Capsule Pak systems are ready to set in place when shipped and are very simple to install. Remote Split-Pak systems have tubing connections and electrical wiring that can be easily traced. Following these clear pathways, an installer can have a system operational very quickly, saving you time and money. Split-Pak systems with Master Controller offers the additional benefit of eliminating the line voltage wiring between the condensing unit and evaporator.

*The Master Controller is standard on Capsule Pak self-contained systems. It is also standard on Split-Pak remote single compressor freezer systems 6 HP and above and optional on other Split-Pak systems. Additionally, it can be integrated into MRS and DRS series multi-compressor systems.


“Not only did Master-Bilt have the answer, but it was a more efficient rack system.”

Jose Poleo
Discount Equipment International
Hollywood, FL

Split-Pak™ Remote Refrigeration Systems

Split-Pak™ remote refrigeration systems consist of  condensing units and evaporator coils designed for use in walk in coolers and freezers.

Capsule Pak™ Refrigeration Systems

Capsule Pak™ refrigeration systems for walk in coolers and freezers are available in easy to install self-contained and quick-connect remote options.

Modular Multi-Compressor Systems

Modular multi-compressor systems allow businesses to remotely locate all individual refrigeration systems to a single system for increased efficiency.

Dual Compressor Systems

For refrigeration applications calling for only a two-compressor system, the DRS series is the answer. A complement to the MRS series, DRS models share the same quality construction and many features as well as fitting the same range of applications in hotels, c-stores, QSRs and cafeterias.

Choosing A Multi-Compressor Refrigeration System

Choosing a multi-compressor refrigeration system is easy with the options of Master-Bilt's dual compressor and larger multi-compressor models.