Walk In Cooler And Walk In Freezer Advantages

Master-Bilt walk-in coolers and freezers in foodservice kitchen

When it comes to Master-Bilt walk in coolers and freezers, there are a number of  advantages including reliable manufacturing, easy assembly and a wide range of options.

From insulation to refrigeration systems, Master-Bilt uses proven components and construction techniques to provide quality products you can depend on. Additionally, all walk-ins and systems are made in the USA and provided at some of the best lead times in the industry.

Walk In Panel Insulation

Polyurethane foam is superior to other insulation types including polystyrene and fiberglass.

Polyurethane foam is superior to other insulation types including polystyrene and fiberglass.

At the heart of all walk-in panels is insulation and the type of insulation used sets one panel apart from another. There are several different kinds of insulation out there but Master-Bilt uses foamed-in-place polyurethane because it provides many advantages over other types.

  • Energy efficiency due to polyurethane’s greater temperature-retaining properties. Using polyurethane, Master-Bilt provides panels with an R value of 32 which meets or surpasses DOE regulations.
  • Polyurethane foam permanently adheres to metal panels adding strength and reliability
  • Superior moisture resistance due to polyurethane’s 97% closed cell content
  • Maximum walk-in storage space because polyurethane foam allows for thinner walls
  • An environmentally-friendly blowing agent with global warming potential of 1 to meet EPA SNAP and CARB guidelines
  • Master-Bilt also forms walk-in panels in horizontal presses so they lay flat during the foaming process. Using this method, injected foam doesn’t have to rise as far which greatly reduces foam voids.

Master-Bilt walk-in panels are foamed in place using polyurethane insulation.

Walk In Panel Construction

Master-Bilt walk in panels are designed to fit together tightly and form a dependable seal against warm outside air.

Panels feature a soft nose construction meaning there is no hard rail or wood along the edge. When locked together, soft nose panels are more flexible and fit together better than other methods. Their tongue and groove fitting and special gasket designs also protects your valuable stored items from heat leak at the seams.

Master-Bilt’s standard wall and roof panels are four inches thick with a standard corrosion-resistant 26-gauge acrylic-coated galvanized steel interior and exterior finish. Many other finishes are available to match individual design schemes and budget requirements.

An optional five-inch panel thickness provides additional insulation efficiency where needed as well as added support in snow load situations.

Master-Bilt walk-in panels are assembled using cam-locks for easy assembly.

The Master-Bilt­ cam-locking system makes it simple to assemble your walk-in. Locks require only a factory-supplied 5/16-inch hex wrench to operate. Should the walk-in need relocation or expansion, panels can be taken apart as easily as they are assembled.



Master-Bilt manufactures optional heavy-duty walk-in doors to meet demanding applications.

Walk In Doors

The door is arguably the most vital, and yet most abused, part of a walk-in. To keep your walk-in airtight and increase energy efficiency, doors must close completely and form an airtight seal against warmer outside air.

Three main components on the door support the seal: hinges, door closers and gaskets.


Master-Bilt doors contain cam-lift hinges which are spring-loaded. As the door closes, the springs in the hinges press the door shut for an easier, more positive closure.

Over time, any door can get out of alignment and create an air leak. That’s why Master-Bilt doors feature field-adjustable hinge backing plates. These plates ensure a proper fit of the door to its opening during installation and also allow for any necessary future adjustments. Simply loosen the hinge bolts, re-align the door properly, then shim and tighten the bolts. No need to remove the door or frame.

Door Closers

Spring-activated door closer devices also make sure your door closes completely. As the door closes, a roller mounted on the door fits into a hook on the closer frame and the door is pulled shut.


Gaskets are a third method of maintaining a dependable seal. They are installed around the inside top and edges of the door to prevent cold air from escaping. Master-Bilt hinges are magnetic so they attract to the frame metal and snap the door shut within an inch.

Sweep gaskets are installed along the bottom of the door. Just like the gasket along the door edges, its purpose is to keep cold air inside. The sweep gasket is vertically adjustable to make sure it properly seals the gap between the door and floor.

Other Door Features

Other door features include:

  • LED lighting
  • Deadbolt-locking handle
  • Digital thermometer
  • Vapor proof light
  • Pressure relief port on freezer doors
  • Heated frames on freezer door

Heavy-Duty Doors

Take walk-in security and reliability to the next level with Master-Bilt’s heavy-duty doors offering added features for increased efficiency.

For added durability, heavy-duty doors feature a welded structural anodized aluminum rigid frame. The wide strap hinges, also cam-lift and spring-loaded, help hold up to daily usage.

Master-Bilt optional structural flooring for walk-in coolers and freezers supports up to 5000 lbs. evenly distributed.

Walk In Floors

Walk-in floors, when required, are standard with a smooth aluminum surface and support 700 pounds per square foot (evenly distributed stationary load).

A reinforced floor can be provided in applications with frequent traffic from heavy handcarts, dollies or forklifts. This heavy-duty floor contains a layer of foamed-in-place plywood to distribute weight of light wheeled traffic across the floor.

For even heavier usage, Master-Bilt’s structural floor is designed to withstand a pallet jack or equivalent transporter with an evenly distributed load of up to 5000 pounds over all four wheels. It also allows for maximum weight storage on internal shelving. At the same time, it saves labor by allowing carts or lifts to be driven directly into the walk-in and unloaded.

Walk In Refrigeration Systems

Master-Bilt saves your valuable time by being a one source provider of walk ins and refrigeration systems. Our refrigeration options include self-contained, remote and multi-compressor models, so you are assured of a quality system that will match your cold storage requirements.

Replacement remote refrigeration system for walk-in cooler or freezer

Split-Pak refrigeration systems

Remote Refrigeration Systems

Split-Pak™ remote refrigeration systems consist of condensing units and evaporator coils designed for use in walk in coolers and freezers.

Condensing units feature a condenser coil, compressor, receiver tank and other components assembled on a common base.

Evaporator coils are ready to mount in position on a walk in and are available with air (off cycle) defrost, electric defrost or optional reverse cycle defrost when equipped with the LogiTemp Plus™ With Reverse Cycle Defrost system.

If you have an application calling for a water-cooled system, Master-Bilt can provide one at the same lead time as an air-cooled system.

Self-Contained Refrigeration Systems

Capsule Pak™ and Capsule Pak ECO™ self-contained refrigeration systems.

Capsule Pak™ and Capsule Pak ECO™ self-contained refrigeration systems.

Capsule Pak™ self-contained systems are designed for simple installation and service, indoor Capsule Pak systems do not require a floor drain. In addition, one-piece indoor and outdoor systems also feature cord and plug electrical connection.

Capsule Pak ECO™ systems for indoor walk-in coolers and freezers are highly sustainable with a significantly reduced Global Warming Potential of 3. Their patent-pending design combines efficient components with R290 natural refrigerant for the most eco-friendly and energy efficient systems.

Capsule Pak ECO models also feature a smaller footprint (up to 28% shorter and 20% narrower) for more working space and easier handling.

Additionally, Capsule Pak and Capsule Pak ECO systems are equipped with LogiTemp™ electronic controllers which boost energy efficiency.


Multi-Compressor Refrigeration Systems

Master-Bilt Multi-compressor remote refrigeration system

Multi-compressor remote refrigeration system

Modular multi-compressor systems allow businesses to remotely locate all individual refrigeration systems to a single system for increased efficiency.

Each piece of refrigeration equipment such as reach-ins, walk-ins and ice machines, has its own refrigeration system. Each one of these systems releases heat into the surrounding kitchen or store. In turn, this heat increases the load on the air conditioning system, resulting in higher energy usage.

By combining all the refrigeration equipment to one remotely located system, business owners can remove the heat and reduce their air conditioning load. Remote systems, typically roof-mounted, also reduce noise level and extend the life of equipment.

Electronic Controller Systems

LogiTemp electronic controllers are designed to increase food safety while reducing energy and installation costs compared to all-mechanical systems. LogiTemp is standard on all self-contained Capsule Pak™ refrigeration systems with a more limited feature set on Capsule Pak ECO™ systems. On remote Split-Pak™ systems, it is standard on freezer systems 6 H.P. and above and optional on other systems.

If you are in hot, humid, or heavy use situations, our patented LogiTemp Plus™ With Reverse Cycle Defrost option will help keep you avoid iced evaporator coils particularly during long hot summers.

Split-Pak refrigeration system with electronic controller.

Many Split-Pak refrigeration systems are equipped with LogiTemp™.