Walk In Cooler And Walk In Freezer Advantages

Master-Bilt walk in cooler and walk-in freezer advantages include reliable manufacturing, easy assembly and a wide range of panel and door features.

Panel Construction

Master-Bilt uses foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation to deliver the highest quality panels.

Walk in panels are manufactured in horizontal presses so they lay flat during the foaming process. Using this method, injected foam doesn’t have to rise as far which greatly reduces foam voids.

Polyurethane foaming offers many advantages including:

• Energy efficiency due to polyurethane’s greater temperature-retaining properties. In fact, all Master-Bilt panels meet or exceed federal Energy Independence and Security Act requirements.
• Polyurethane foam permanently adheres to metal panels adding strength and reliability
• Superior moisture resistance due to polyurethane’s 97% closed cell content
• Maximum walk-in storage space because polyurethane foam allows for thinner walls
• An environmentally-friendly 245fa blowing agent with zero ozone depletion potential

Panel Diversity

Master-Bilt’s standard wall and roof panels are
four inches thick with a standard corrosion-
resistant 26-gauge acrylic-coated galvanized steel interior and exterior finish. Many other finishes are available to match individual design schemes and budget requirements.

An optional five-inch panel thickness provides additional insulation efficiency where needed as well as added support in snow load situations.

The Master-Bilt­ cam-locking system, together with tongue and groove construction and a dual gasket system, provides an accurate, tight fit between panels. Locks require only a factory-supplied
5/16-inch hex wrench to operate. Should the walk-in need relocation or expansion, panels can be taken apart as easily as they are assembled.



Master-Bilt’s standard entry doors are available in a wide variety of sizes and features.

Doors are infitting, flush-mounted and feature cam-lift hinges which are spring-loaded for an easier, more positive closure.

Unique field-adjustable hinge backing plates ensure a proper fit of the door to its opening during installation and also allow for any necessary future adjustments. Simply loosen the hinge bolts, re-align the door properly, shim and tighten bolts.

Additionally, a standard deadbolt-locking handle on all walk-ins offers extra security without extra cost.

Other door features include:

  • Spring activated door closure
  • Digital thermometer
  • Vapor proof light
  • Magnetic gasket
  • Adjustable double wiper gaskets
  • Pressure relief port on freezer doors
  • Heated frames on freezer door


Take walk-in security and reliability to the next level with Master-Bilt’s heavy-duty doors offering many standard features for increased efficiency:

  • LED lighting
  • Welded structural anodized aluminum rigid frame
  • Digital thermometer/light switch integrated into one component
  • Deadbolt-locking handle
  • Superior energy efficient thermal break
  • Spring-actuated door closer
  • Heavy-duty, wide strap hinges that are cam-lift and spring-loaded



Walk-in floors, when required, are standard with a smooth aluminum surface and support 700 pounds per square foot (evenly distributed stationary load).

A reinforced floor can be provided in applications with frequent traffic from heavy handcarts, dollies or forklifts. This heavy-duty floor contains a layer of foamed-in-place plywood to distribute weight of light wheeled traffic across the floor.

For even heavier usage, Master-Bilt’s structural floor is designed to withstand a pallet jack or equivalent transporter with an evenly distributed load of up to 5000 pounds over all four wheels. It also allows for maximum weight storage on internal shelving. At the same time, it saves labor by allowing carts or lifts to be driven directly into the walk-in and unloaded.