Walk-In Coolers & Walk-In Freezers

From a small cooler to a large refrigerated warehouse, Master-Bilt walk in coolers, freezers and cooler-freezer combos provide dependable cold storage for your products.

All walk-ins are based on actual instead of nominal measurements, so if you specify an 8′ x 10′ size you’ll get the full 8′ x 10′ area instead of the nominal 7’9″ x 9’8″ size. That means more usable cold space in each cooler or freezer.

Choose from several types:

• Quick Ship walk in options include QS Series models with self-contained refrigeration systems and Quick Ship models with either self-contained or remote systems.

• Ready-Bilt™ models ship pre-assembled from the factory.

• Bilt2Spec™ walk ins are custom built to your specifications.


How to Install a Walk-In

Walk-In Replacement Tips

How to Take Care of Your Walk-In

Choosing the Right Walk-In Refrigeration System

Keeping Your Walk-In Airtight

Five Myths About Walk-Ins

Walk In Cooler And Walk In Freezer Advantages

Master-Bilt walk in cooler and walk-in freezer advantages include reliable manufacturing processes, easy assembly and a wide range of panel and door features.

Quick Ship Walk In Coolers & Freezers

Quick Ship walk-in coolers & freezers are available in two options. QS Series models feature single rooms matched with self-contained refrigeration systems. Quick Ship walk-ins feature either self-contained or remote systems.

Ready-Bilt™ Pre-Assembled Walk Ins

Ready-Bilt™ pre-assembled walk in coolers and freezers ship from the factory ready to set in place at the job site.

Bilt2Spec™ Custom Walk-Ins

Bilt2Spec™ custom walk-ins are custom designed to fit virtually any size or shape. Numerous options include finishes, refrigeration systems and door accessories.

Refrigerated Warehouses

Master-Bilt refrigerated warehouses are customized to fit your requirements with a wide range of options in roofs, doors, refrigeration systems and other components.

Walk-In Options

Walk in options add to the efficiency and convenience of your walk-in or cold storage warehouse. Numerous walk in panel finishes, flooring options, door accessories and lighting choices are available.

Walk-In Installation

Master-Bilt’s walk-in installation services include a network of certified installers across the United States and Canada. We guarantee all walk-ins and installations through the life of the warranty.

Walk-In Repair & Refurbishment

Walk in repair & refurbishment options include replacement doors, floors & refrigeration systems. Restore walk in performance & protect foods.