Walk-In Coolers & Walk-In Freezers

From a minimum 36 sq. ft. cooler to the more elaborate cold storage warehouses, Master-Bilt walk in coolers, freezers and cooler-freezer combos provide the right amount of temperature-controlled space.

All walk-ins are based on actual instead of nominal measurements, so if you specify an 8′ x 10′ size you’ll get the full 8′ x 10′ area instead of the nominal 7’9″ x 9’8″ size. That translates into more usable cold space in each cooler or freezer.

Choose from several types:

• Quick Ship walk in options include QS Series models with self-contained refrigeration systems and Quick Ship models with remote refrigeration systems.

• Ready-Bilt™ models ship factory pre-assembled.

• Bilt2Spec™ walk ins are custom built to fit your application.


How to Install a Walk-In

Walk-In Replacement Tips

How to Take Care of Your Walk-In

Choosing the Right Walk-In Refrigeration System

Keeping Your Walk-In Airtight

Five Myths About Walk-Ins

Walk In Cooler And Walk In Freezer Advantages

Numerous standard features and benefits set Master-Bilt walk ins apart from other manufacturers. Reliable manufacturing processes, easy assembly and a wide range of panel and door features are just a few of our advantages.

Quick Ship Walk In Coolers & Freezers

In a hurry for a walk in cooler or walk in freezer? Master-Bilt's Quick Ship Program is the answer. QS Series models feature single rooms matched with self-contained refrigeration systems. Quick Ship walk-ins with either self-contained or remote systems are available are available in unlimited lengths in 1' increments.

Ready-Bilt™ Pre-Assembled Walk Ins

Ready-Bilt walk in coolers and freezers are completely pre-assembled at the factory and ready to set in place at the job site. Structures arrive at the site typically on a gooseneck truck and, depending on size and customer preference, are lifted into place by crane, boom-lift or forklift. No field installation is necessary.

Bilt2Spec™ Custom Walk-Ins

Bilt2Spec walk in coolers and freezers are custom designed to fit virtually any size or shape. Using our wide range of options, you can make your walk in an extension of your business personality. Numerous interior and exterior finish options adapt to decor or durability requirements. Choose from many refrigeration system types to reliably and efficiently cool your stored products. Many walk in door accessories and other add-on features are also available to increase convenience and ease of use.

Refrigerated Warehouses

Coordinating all the construction details for cold storage warehouses can be challenging. Master-Bilt makes the job much easier with one source service for panels, refrigeration and installation.

Walk-In Options

Add to the efficiency and convenience of your walk-in or cold storage warehouse with Master-Bilt’s many options. Numerous walk in panel finishes, flooring options, door accessories and lighting choices are available.

Walk-In Installation

Master-Bilt’s staff of specialists is ready to help install your walk-in. With a network of certified installers across the United States and Canada, we guarantee all walk-ins and installations through the life of the warranty.