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Master-Bilt cabinet and merchandisers cover a wide range of refrigeration needs from food preparation to display. Built to meet the challenges of busy foodservice and retail environments, these models provide long-lasting service while reducing operating expenses.

“It seemed like everyone we asked, the answer was still the same. Turn to Master-Bilt for your refrigeration needs; their quality, reliability and customer support is second to none.”

Dr. Kanti Parekh
Kwality Ice Cream
Edison, NJ

Ice Cream Cabinets


Ice cream cabinets are designed for flexibility in both storage and display. Dipping cabinets in many sizes provide consistent temperature to keep stored product frozen. Dipping/display freezers combine storage and merchandising into one cabinet. Other models include ice cream hardening/holding cabinets.

Display Chest Freezer Merchandisers


Designed for ice cream and frozen novelty display, these mobile display freezers increase profits by drawing attention to products and placing them in high traffic areas.

Glass Door Merchandisers


Make the most of your sales space and capture more purchases from everything including beverages to frozen food with this diverse line of glass door merchandisers. Choose from swing door, slide door or countertop models for flexible, efficient showcases. 

Reach-In Refrigerators & Freezers

fusion-reach-ins-family-thumbnailFusion reach-in refrigerators and freezers feature long-lasting stainless steel construction inside and out. Finding a reach-in cooler or freezer to fit your upright storage needs is easy with solid door models in one-, two- and three-door sizes. Three full glass door refrigerator models provide full product visibility for kitchen environments.


Prep Tables

Fusion sandwich/salad and pizza prep tables are designed for reliability, convenience and capacity. Food items stored in pans are consistently cooled within an enclosed drop-in section where cold air flows around each pan. Reversible cutting boards provide ample room for food preparation. There's also plenty of storage space for additional food items.


fusion-undercounter-freezer-family-thumbnailA wide variety of sizes in undercounter/worktable refrigerator and freezer models makes it simple to fit your storage needs. With zero-clearance installation, all models may be integrated into existing counters. A standard condenser filter screen, removable without tools, makes it easy to clean condenser coils and prolong the life of the cabinet.


Chef Bases

fusion-chef-base-family-thumbnailFusion chef bases are an ideal solution for integrating additional refrigerated storage space into a crowded foodservice environment. All models are designed with durable drawers and a 3/4-inch wide drip guard to prevent spills from going over the edge. 

Bar Equipment

fusion-bar-family-thumbnailFusion bar equipment covers everything needed to successfully run your back bar area. A wide variety of models is available including bottle coolers, solid and glass door back bar refrigerators and direct draw keg coolers.

Milk Coolers


Each Master-Bilt milk cooler features a powerful, large-capacity refrigeration system to quickly pull milk down to storage temperature and keep it there. Standard corner bumpers add protection from daily usage while heavy-duty floor racks hold up to the weight of stored milk. 


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