Make the most of your valuable workspace by stacking two single door 27" wide undercounters on top of each other for an over/under effect. You can also easily reconfigure your store or kitchen layout to optimize menu expansion. Many configurations of refrigerators and freezers are possible to suit your needs.


Other Undercounter Options

4" Base Kits

Base kits allow undercounters to be totally enclosed on back, top, bottom and sides so they can be incorporated into custom counters.

Kits are shipped loose and can be ordered as a retrofit on most refrigerator and freezer models.

Refrigerated Drawers And Overshelves For Solid Door Models
Extend the convenience of your Fusion™ undercounter/worktable by adding a single or double overshelf or refrigerated drawers. Refrigerated drawers are available on solid door MBUR-A refrigerators (excluding MBUR36A). Overshelves are available on all MBU-A/MBURG-A models.

For added convenience, these options may be ordered factory installed:

• Refrigerated drawers for refrigerator models (excluding MBUR36A)
• Lefthand door for 27" glass door models
• Door locks

Other Field Installed Options
• 6" leg kits in lieu of casters
• Single and double overshelf kits
• 4" casters in lieu of 6" casters
• 4" base kits for 27" models
• 3-1/4" low profile casters in lieu of standard casters
• Stacking kits for 27" models
• Backsplash kits
• Extra shelf kits


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