Electronic Controller Systems

super-controller-familyMaster-Bilt's Super Controller system is an energy efficient electronic controller option for BEM/BEL model endless glass door merchandisers with remote refrigeration systems as well as for walk-in coolers and freezers.

As an economical complement to Master-Bilt’s Master Controller system, the Super Controller is ideal for applications requiring added efficiency but not the Master Controller’s full feature set.

The Super Controller gives operators significant advantages:

  • The Super Controller’s ability to float the head pressure of condensing units result in impressive energy savings. Simply stated, floating the pressure allows a condensing unit to use cold ambient air to reduce compressor energy usage.
  • The Super Controller’s electric expansion valve, installed in an evaporator coil, is more accurate than mechanical valves and responds to evaporator superheat for precisely regulated refrigerant flow. Efficient flow ensures optimum system performance and lower energy use.
  • Because the superheat is factory pre-set, the installer doesn’t have to return after the cabinet is down to temperature and set it, allowing significant savings on installation costs.


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