Endless Display Cases With Remote Refrigeration

Endless display cases with remote refrigeration systems reduce heat and noise on the sales floor and are preferred in areas where the refrigeration system may be installed on a roof.

Standard Features

  • Base mounted evaporator coil increases air flow efficiency and allows premium merchandising space at the top of the case
  • Refrigeration system includes condensing unit with all necessary components supplied for installation
  • 30″ wide glass doors with an additional 200+ square inches of viewing area per door
  • 23″ deep shelves for maximum pack-out space
  • 100% of pack-out space falls within the visible merchandising area so customers see all your products
  • Front air curtain prevents warm, moist air from entering merchandiser during door openings for the most energy efficient design
  • Lights are more energy efficient with more lumens per watt while also maximizing product appearance

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