Endless Display Cases With Semi-Self-Contained Refrigeration

Glass door display merchandisers - Endless

Endless display cases with semi-self-contained refrigeration systems provide quick and easy installation in areas where space is limited and roof access isn’t practical.

While installation requires some electrical and system set-up, these systems are designed to be operational faster than remote systems.

The refrigeration system consists of a condensing unit mounted on top of the case with the evaporator coil mounted in the merchandiser’s base. The condensing unit is covered by a 20″ tall steel shroud that ships with each case. The condensing unit is also covered with a sound dampening fiberglass mat to reduce the noise level inside your store.

Standard Features

  • Base mounted evaporator coil allows premium merchandising space at the top
  • 30″ wide glass doors with an additional 200+ square inches of viewing area per door
  • 23″ deep shelves for maximum pack-out space
  • 100% of pack-out space falls within the visible merchandising area so customers see all your products
  • Front air curtain prevents warm, moist air from entering the merchandiser during door openings for the most energy efficient design
  • LED lights are more energy efficient with more lumens per watt while also maximizing product appearance

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